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Ms. Sorrentino has over 35 years’ experience in all aspects of workers’ compensation claims. She is a former Vice-President for one of the State’s largest insurance brokerage firms, having been in charge of the workers’ compensation department statewide and has worked with a variety of public agencies during her employment career. In her various capacities, she has overseen TPA operations, performed JPA administrative functions, maintained transitional return-to-work programs, conducted structured safety training sessions for each job and work site, participated in accident investigation and claim resolution strategies, developed cost containment programs, initiated loss prevention and exposure reduction plans, and measured results against program statistics to ensure continual progression of positive claim development.

Ms. Sorrentino’s specialty has been within the California public school sector and specializations within this grouping of K-12 Districts and Community Colleges and Adult Education. She is certified by the State of California, Department of Self-Insurance Plans to administer claims and programs. She has taught a number of Insurance Educational Association classes throughout the State in past years and has participated in a number of speaking engagements within insurance-associated organizations such as CAJPA, CMA, PARMA and, CASBO.



Advanced Incident Management/Unified Command Award – Texas A&M University, Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agencies


Safety Specialist Award – California Association of School Transportation Officials


Attended University of Maryland and completed studies in the risk management field


Certified by Office of Self-Insurance Plans (OSIP) to Administer Workers’ Compensation Claims


Certified by OSIP to Self-Administer Workers’ Compensation Programs

Angela Sorrentino, Client Relations Manager


Chapter board member of the Public Agency Risk Management Association (PARMA)


Task force member of the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation (CCWC) as an advocacy leader for employers

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